Face To Face



Square off

And sound off

One two three


Can you hear me

Loud and clear

It would appear

That this moment right here

Will be a lyrical event

A showcase of talent

That will strike blows

To those who are ready

Or even oppose

A poet that won’t pull punches

When these words start arming

And then start launching

Yet dropping like bombs

From a bomber

And no hesitation or slumber

Honing and sharpening this craft

In such a way

That it will go on for days

And come what may

Literary wordplay

Hitting all four seasons

With rhyme and reason


And historically

Leaving smoke behind

When the dust settles

Ready to tackle

Another poetic level

Dropping the mic

Is just the beginning

Whether you like it or not

Poetry is winning

And untying knots

Breaking through barriers

Straightening out blood clots

And opening minds and ears

The world over

Poets are openers and closers

Too much energy harnessed

For an enclosure

Always ready and opt for

Lots of exposure

To reach the masses

With such an overture

And will occur

Anytime or anywhere

Poetry goes in

With no holds barred

And traveling vast distances

That are beyond just far


Face off

And sound off

One two three

Come to grips with

The art of poetry


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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