To Sit For A While



Sitting here on this bench

And staring out

The mind is wandering

Trying to sort the thoughts about

In this very moment now

But ended up here alone somehow

Looking around the area

In this vicinity

Yet right next to me

Is a lost identity

Who am I really

If I may ask myself

Having to answer my own question

Because here alone

There is no one else

To share the thoughts with

But right in that moment

Hearing words from new lips

Asking can I sit here

And I don’t mind one bit

She glances outwards

But in the other direction

Yet right beneath her

Is her shadowy reflection

I turn to her

As she turns to me

The timing of this

Was perfect as can be

And conveniently for both

As if preparing for a toast

She says right then

Where have you been

I can never catch you here

On the same day

I said I’ve only seen you

Just once sitting here

Looking away one time

Then you disappeared

She seemed surprised

But with very kind eyes

Then started to smile

Yet seemed relieved

Stating that not everything

Is always as it appears to be

Taking a sit here

Trying it once more

I‘ve been waiting for you a while

And almost closed the door

I sit here often

Just thinking about what to say

And finally, we met up

On just the right day

Right there is when

I started to smile

Suggesting that we stay and talk

And just sit for a while


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Writings By MCM


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