Sword And Shield


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Being and becoming a knight

Was an absolute honor

A decorated soldier

Armored up and ready at moment’s notice

Fierce and brave

And prepared for battle any day

Taking the fight to the enemy

Or fought in place

Sword in one hand

And a shield in the other

Ready for war

Like no other

Retaliated and attacked with one

And blocked blows with the other

To forego sustaining heavy damage

Yet all the while

Dishing out pain in return

And battle lessons learned

Well over time

From any experiences

Both instant and for a while

A gentleman when in the presence

Of a lady

Not everything about him

Was only battle ready

Being a good man

Was also part of it

Having class and carrying himself

With honor both on and off

The battlefield

To always have this appeal

Was the standard way

No matter what anyone else had to say

He must display

These unique traits always

In order to be a true knight

Knowing wrong from right

And fighting for those

Who could not fight for themselves

No matter what

Whether near home

Or somewhere else

Trained and prepped over time

To move and operate

In a very specific line

And detailed way

To be a great warrior and soldier

Until his very last day

Do knights exist anymore?

And if so

Could would tell them apart

From the rest of the fold

To be true men again

And wear as a badge of honor

Being but gentleman and warrior

Whether during peace or a fight

Take up the sword and shield again

And once again

Be knights


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