Call It Fair



Can we call it fair

When most have food

While others have none

With nothing in sight that they can use

Can we call it fair

When so many are rich and well off

And many options if they choose

While others are losing sleep

Because they are barely making do

Can we call it fair

When people are asleep on the streets

With nowhere to go

And the bare minimum would be a luxury

Can we call it fair

Watching so many without jobs

And companies won’t hire them

To even turn a doorknob

Can we call it fair

When kids are taken away for no real reason

Separating everyday families

Changing their lives every year

Like going through the seasons

Can we call it fair

When so many are taking lavish trips

But others can barely afford to pay the rent

Can we call it fair

When many are riding around in expensive toys

While others can’t afford a used one

Even if paid for by voice

Of course not the case

So many using their feet to travel

With their pockets as the suitcase

Can we call it fair

That not enough even care

Because it is not my problem

Of how you got there

Not realizing that all of this

Effects everyone in some way or form

This much poor and suffering

Unfortunately has become the norm

Ignoring the very storm

Surrounding us all

With so many down and out

While others are standing tall

Watching and even ignoring the facts

That everyone else is trying to survive

And hoping not to completely fall

But so many already have

Looking at the privileged just go pass

Like nothing is happening

And wondering how much longer

Will this last

Before I can get on my feet

And actually live happily for once

Because the wealth gap in this country

As well as others

You just cannot trust

Because there is such strong appeal

Sad but so real

That you can sit around and be so good

While everyone else around you

Is completely ill

And in despair

So can we ever call this fair


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