The Tree Without Leaves

This poem here is very near and dear to my heart. Conveys what happens when the path and dream you’ve always wanted, never comes to fruition. And the aftermath that occurs and has to be lived with. You continue on because life does with or without you. It took me a long time to be able to write this one, and hope that it touches others.




I had a dream

And that dream

Was knowing exactly what I wanted

From the age of thirteen

Plans made

And the dream saved

Drawn and thought out

Each and everyday

Passionate about it

At every turn

Radiating throughout me

With a fire that burned

From the inside out

And not one doubt

About what I wanted to do

And was going to try

Everything within my power

To make it come true

But when it actually came time

To put this into action

I could not gain any traction

Like being stripped of a gold mine

The dream suddenly came

To a screeching halt

Having to go with something lame

A wound now filled with salt

Not put on pause

But rather forget it all

Support was missing

And motivation not given attention

What I wanted seemed silly

But oh really

A talent lost and gone

That was had all along

And never returned

Nor ever yearned for again

For this dream and goal of mine

Crashed and burned

Right before my very eyes

And never healed with time

Because I had to move on

Even though the dream was gone

Living a life that just never quite

Ever seemed right

And of course I know why

Having to wave goodbye

And watch the dream go away

Living with this

Each and everyday

Knowing I’m out of place

With the tragedy and pain of this

Permanently affixed to my face

Cannot describe the feeling

But can always see

Each waking day revealing

Just how far away I am

From where I should be

An unfulfilled destiny

That dried up and withered

With the core missing from the center

And didn’t survive the coldest winter

With the sun having never entered

The dream that never came to be

And left empty like

A tree without leaves


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