The Tide



Rising and falling

Every so often with time

With the wave in that moment

Merging in a line

Periodically occurs in the vast oceans

With great heights and power

And weighted commotion

Taking in the very motion

With each coming hour

The tide resulting from the waves

The inflow and outflow

Many have seen for days

And gone out to play

Riding this liquid event

Drifting and coasting

In every way

Form and shape

Hoping to catch this natural phenomenon

Before it’s too late

Such strong and unique currents

At any coastal place

Said to be caused by

The moon and the sun

Fascinating if so

But does anyone really know

Never mind this

When it puts on a spectacular show

Right before the eyes

And just hoping to arrive

Each and every time

When we come in contact

With the tide


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Writings By MCM



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