So let it be 
That which you seek 
To acquire and treat 
And beat the streets 
Trying to get all that you want  
Despite the heat 
To those that taunt 
Others for having less 
While some dress to impress 
And able to be at their best 
What about those free spirited ones 
That set out for much fun 
Taking life one day at a time 
Yet try to outshine 
The day prior 
Always reaching to be higher 
Than ever before 
Before they close the door 
To much more 
Don’t want to miss out on scores 
Of material things 
And the happiness and joy 
They think it will bring 
But the caged bird will still sing 
Coming into this world without a ring 
And what you bought you cannot bring


Or take with you
Once you go out 
Without a doubt 
You can scream and shout 
And even pout 
Being hooked like a trout 
Not always watching  
What comes out of the mouth 
While situations head south 
That will be what you make it 
Break it or take it 
Change the outcome pass debating it 
Waiting around for the answer 
While in a blur 
And go now and stir 
Wandering where you were 
Out it so much 
That your words start to slur 
Trying to alter 
More than unstable 
Placing some of your cards on the table 
Not completely willing and able 
Like someone dropped an anvil 
Onto you but now you mull over 
Where you life is really going 
And you not knowing 
Drunk on bad behavior and decisions 
But sober when it comes to actions 
And run when stunned 
Ideas there are none 
Stress weighing a ton 
But will you be the one 
To throw in the towel 
Before truly done 
Just because life has spun 
You in a direction that  
You cannot run from 
And when it’s all said and done 
Would you had lost or won 
Finishing up hopefully on a good note 
From where you begun 
Pressing the right button 
To launch you like a cannon 
Flying towards a future 
That hopefully is certain 
From the right decision 
That was chosen 
And mind opened 
While having made 
The proper provisions 
That will enhance your existence 


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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