To What It Seems



A trip down memory lane
Looking back again and again
Through all the pains
And happy moments to know
Living within the gray
Stagnated from further growth
And bad habits that run away
With you dragging behind
Rolling through this life
With some way of being
Moving about each day
Is life really what it seems
Through the dirty and clean
And everything in between
The good the bad the ugly
Mistakes made regularly
But with how much recovery
And now suddenly
It all hits you in the face
Now standing there in place
Having to rethink everything
You think you know
Life moving so fast
And sometimes even slow
To mimic a past
Not conducive to moving forward
Now and into the future
Towards being actually sure
About your whole life
And your very existence
To some extent
Thinking about it this very instant
About who you really are
And truly strive to be
Yet just can’t solve
The very mystery within
Have I truly evolved
Or just standing still
And only time will reveal
The entire highlight reel
Of your life as the current
Feature presentation
An unsure representation
Of one’s sole purpose
But to find out what it is
Needs to always be urgent
So you can emerge as
A very different being
Life going beyond just seeing
And only believing
In the one dimensional
When you as a person
After reaching your true potential
Is anything but conventional
More than what it seems
And remains to be seen
Taking a path
You need not stay on
Getting yourself to the place
Where you truly belong
Grabbing it soon
Before the chance is gone


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