The Eyes



The eyes are the window to the soul
Look closer into them
And notice what they can expose
To those
That pay attention
Glancing at the real intentions
Of a person
Going pass the cursing
The bad behavior or rhetoric
Seeing more at times from one
Than was expected
The heart of those that are good
That are mistreated and misunderstood
With eyes that have
Tears on pause
Holding it all in
Seeming okay on the outside
But truly headed for a fall
On the inside
Just look at their eyes
Because they never lie
About the inner being
Coinciding with many reasons
A barrier and a layer
Being the purveyor
Of your sector
Displaying the single most vector
Of your real location
Of where you really are
By far
Encased in glass
But not transparent
Life not taught in class
And the answer not always apparent
Look into the eyes
Because there lies
The reality of so many things
And to what it will bring forth
From within the soul
Just prepare yourself
For the unknown
The eyes


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