Hear the heartbeats

From around the world

To a point where they meet


Listen to the sounds

Of the many cries

From those feeling down


Hear the many streets

Where bodies have fell

No longer a heartbeat


Listen to the pulses racing

Stressed beyond belief

From the all the troubles their facing


Hear all of the hate

Marching on daily

While others seem to wait


Listen to the Earth

Carrying on like nothing

While it continues to hurt


Hear the pulses increase

Violence all around

No harmony no peace


Listen to the poor

Starving for things

While others have more


Hear music but no rhythm

So much injustice

From a very broken system


Listen to the sky

Circling above us

But probably asking why


Hear the evil in the air

Moving as the clouds

Covering everywhere


Listen up if you dare

Sending prayers up

From those of us that care


Hear and feel the times

We must do better

Before it all flatlines


Listen to the feet

Marching to a beat

Too much defeat

Love not seeked

Hate as a treat

We cannot repeat

Life without peace

Hear the heartbeats


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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