Drawn Out



How many have taken their life

And mapped out

How they wanted it to be

Completely dreamed and drawn out

To that which you seek

And in many ways for most

Very detailed and unique

But some of us

No I take it back

Most of us

Never got the chance

To live out that dream

Or see it come to fruition

Watching it pass you by

As a failed mission

Doing what you could

To make it happen

But had to go with another option

That felt like trapping

You in a box

With the keys missing

To all the locks

Seeing your dream

Alive and well in others

Wishing that was you

And could’ve been you

If the circumstances then

Surrounding you

Had gone a bit further

The dream and reality as a total merger

Things happen sometimes beyond our control

And who knows

Just how much of this

Has taken its toll on you

But what else could you do

Other than try to push through

And focus on the secondary

Which hopefully maybe

Will lead you to success

Just in a different way

A dream once obsessed

Has simply gone away

And all you can say

Is why

But sometimes life

Places us into a bind

With stress and strife

At times as the alternatives

A dream deferred

Well pass what you thought

Was in line and in the mind

Plans that fell through

And forced to take step two

Just hang in there

Take your life and go about

And find something brand new

That will hopefully play out

And go the very next time

The way it was drawn out


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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