Actions vs Words



Tired of people stating words
With no action to follow
Saying words with no real meaning
And just plain hollow
Don’t hold water
With many leaks seen about
And throughout
Pouring from their mouth
Meaningless words that only mean something
To only them
Spitting venom and lies
Then that very moment you come to realize
How full of it they really are
Words only and no actions by far
Not even close to where you are
Then the actual actions
Are worthless to the core
Then you come to the point
That you can’t take anymore
Of them and their roller coaster
Don’t even bother
Trying to bring them closer
Especially when you see
They will never change
And don’t you go and rearranage
Who you are
You have jumped through enough hoops
And everything out of their mouth
Is nothing more than poop
With actions or lack thereof
Aggravating and pushing your buttons
In ways that are not good for you or them
Sending you to the top brim
Of the glass
And they still can’t see pass
The unnescessary drama they bring about
And pointing the finger everywhere else
But where it should
Time to kick them and vote them out
Remove them from your island
So you can actually get back
To smiling
They are poison in the veins
And get away from them now
While some dignity still remains
Or you end up hurting them in some way
That will take them a while
To heal from their pain


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