Poetry Is Poetry


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The essence of written expression

Garnered by a poet

And before you know it

It will give off many inflections

And tailored to verbal reflection

Poetry is

A unique intensity

And intrinsically

Natural in a such a way

Allowing words to leave the page

Yet moving in ways

Beyond what the artist states

An art form that just can’t wait

To show how special it truly is

In very distinctive styles

That could go on for miles

Jazzy and rhythmic

Evoking feelings and ideas

So characteristic

To this form of literature

Line by line

Verse by verse

And can be certain

That this literary surprise

Has no need to rehearse

Amazing yet so simplistic

Complex yet intrinsic

With every intention

So prepare to bear witness

Poetry is


Bringing many words and thoughts together

To touch the world over

Steady and readily

Searching for the next audience

To share this art form with

Meanings and symbolism

Aesthetic qualities

Constant originality

That shatters the prism

Of holding back

Or staying stagnant

Poetry is

Like a magnet

And attracting

Those that can appreciate

How words move and groove

Set the tone or light up a mood

Encourage and self soothe

And give something to remember

Think about and hold on to

Poetry is

Words through infatuation

And written art open to interpretation


Can be difficult to fully describe

Even with words

Sure that sounds absurd

Especially being the very thing

It is known for

But can truly shine

And surpass what is seen and heard

Anticipating and waiting

To become even more


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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