Do Not Disturb

A poem every writer can relate to….




If you ever come near

A writer that is working

Leave them to their thoughts

And don’t start talking and lurking

Around them

Causing the light and memory to dim

Because they’re in their zone

And deepest thoughts

In that moment alone

Trying to put their words together

With peace and quiet

And calling this home

From every writing measure

Writing in personal space

With their very own

Focused and calm weather

As their thoughts run and race

To get to the finish line

Within that time

On a set pace

Working on the next piece

Preparing to show and shine

As bravery increase

So if you see this in progress

Though not knowing

Just keep on going

As concentration is vital to the writer

To pen and attach in detail

To edit and correctly spell

Every single word

So basically stating here

Do not disturb


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM






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