This is a radio message

To give notice to

Different ways to use it

On talk radio right now

Feeling this through

The airwaves somehow


A shout out to all poets

And wouldn’t you know it

Poetry turned music

And music is poetry as well

Reaching more people and souls

Than anyone can truly tell


Listen to words coming through

The speakers

That can reach anywhere

Or anyone equally

A literary reality

Asserted by other means


Words circling the world

With an exposure to affect

Any ear that comes in contact

With this literary piece

If you know what I mean

And the effects felt


The radio signaling more

Than anything else

Took a lot to get my own station

Writing for many years

Inside this nation

Underground for a time


But hitting the airwaves hard now

And this moment is mine

The attention is great

And contributing even more

A love for this art

Just waiting to further soar


And transmit in and out of range

With words that will one day

Inspire good and change

My light is on

With no intent to go dim

image (63)

Just continue to stay tuned in



Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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