Music Versus Poetry


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These two art forms

Are more intertwined

Than they actually appear

Using words as weapons

And spreading an essence

As far as it can go


Having a unique flow

Spoken and heard

Written and song

With anticipating more

Originality through the roof

Yet also copied with many proofs


These two are more alike

Than we give credit for

With both firmly grounded

But can also soar

To vast heights and distances

To all who will listen


And absorb what they hear and see

Music with note to note

And the art of written poetry

Music grabs and catches

While poetry expresses

Music enhanced through sound


With poetry written and seen

Yet knows no bounds

Musicians and poets

Two sides of a similar coin

With words just waiting

To see where they are going


Knocking down walls

And barreling through barriers

Literal messengers of the arts

And have embraced

Being the carriers

Therapy for the heart and soul


A canopy for the mind

Where words get exposed

Committing to memory many lines

As music hits the ears

Yet poetry can do the same

The delivery is just different


But the effect from them remains

Reaching the masses

Is quite the task

Everyone has been touched

By these two in some way

No matter who you ask


Musical and literary movement

That connects the world

And has twirled

Swirled and hurled

Themselves into every man and woman

Boy and girl


Music and poetry

Displaying and using words for beauty

As a flawless pearl

With an energy that is seen and heard

From across the world

Music versus Poetry


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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