Working hard for something
That later turns out
To become nothing
Knowledge gained
And experience obtained
Seeing your good works
Energy and efforts
Seem to be in vain
Leaving behind regret
And some shame
Feeling empty and drained
With frustration that remains
Going against what you
Worked so hard for
Unable to even use
All of the more
You set out to later
Put in play
Left feeling like any other day
That in some strange way
Ended up being the case
With time and money wasted
That cannot be replaced
To only end up the same
Nearly close to where
You started in the first place
Having to settle for less
With no smile on the face
Hoping things had taken shape
Before it became too late
So much effort made
Yet the situation remained unchanged
Beginning to feel down
And full of shame
Realizing that after everything
You will never be the same
From the failure to change
After you worked so hard
To rearrange your life
For something better
Stress and strife felt
Down to the letter
A very different type of pain
Not ending up on the path
After such a lane change
To speed on through
Now left with no idea
On what to do
With taking the next step
All you’re really sure about
Is I must take care of myself
One way or another
Truly needing the results
To take you further
So when it pours
It also rains
Trying not to feel
Like everything you accomplished
Was all in vain


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Writings By MCM



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