By The Hour



The look on my face
When I realize the path
Before me chosen
That can’t be erased
Looking back yet forward
All at once
Thinking did I ever go towards
My goals at all
Shocked in an instance
From a sudden fall
Pegged with uncertainty
Of what life will bring forth
What is my reality?
Judged by my very own court
Time goes by
And without fail
Sometimes asking why
To no avail
No longer see myself
In the mirror where I stand
Having experienced many things
I cannot understand
Time seeks no rapport
Never know what it
May restore
As sure as the wind
Hits my dark face
Certain aspects of my life
I wish I could replace
Rewind and replay
Starting at the beginning
Of the first hour of the day
Like limbs chopped from a tree
Waiting to be regrown
Spreading forth a new me
But for how long
Will the path I seek
Appear before my eyes
Pushing away memories
Often disguised
As something semi happy
Yet hoping not to despise
The pain left and dwelling within
Burning so fiercely inside
Where do I began
Drama by musical note
But stuck in treble
Waiting to live life again
Just on a better level
And regain the power
Lost by each hour
Excuse me as I stair climb
On my way to the top
Hoping to gain peace of mind
Now nonstop
As I lookout from my tower


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