Divided States



A country with united in the title
Yet so far from true
The separation is real
Missed by more than a few
Inner conflict always
On the rage
It seems this nation
Just can’t turn the page
Same country
But so much scattered
No unity at all
So many unclimbed ladders
Living down in a hole
That no one can seem
To climb out of
Ignorance of the very issues
That pretend don’t exist
Hatred and bigotry
Continues to persist
Violence on top of violence
Greed versus poor
We certainly don’t appear
To be a great nation anymore
Better for some
Way more than others
Havoc wreaked on those
Of different color
Fifty states divided
Instead of fifty reasons
To stay united
No country like this can prosper
Where is the common sense?
Corruption at its finest
With lies and suffering
Causing closed fists
Too much self interest
Instead of a protective nation
Of its very own citizens
The good and welfare
As a whole
Freedoms vanished and diminished
Even for those that took an oath
All negative and undeserved
Even blatant mistreatment
To those who have served
Divided it is
Divided we are
How could a country ever allow
Itself to get this far
No love or care
No true liberty of freedom
No understanding or real equality
No country here that I can see
Unable to stand up
For all that reside here
So much said and done wrongly
Based out of fear
Deeds done in darkness
Now out in front of cameras
No good will ever stem from
These divided states of America


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