Can It Be

When will we wake up and say enough is enough, have we become to rough to even feel the slightest soft touch….? And is having and using common sense asking for too much….?




Can it be that so many are hated
Can it be that this as opposed to love
Is not stated enough
Gathering peace is rough
Can it be that secrets hidden
Will one day be exposed
More information than most people know
Can it be that the true identity
Of people that look like me
Will one day be seen
Can it be that the poor will rise
And go from being the despised
Can it be that the rich will share
Become aware of the people
That helped put them there
Can it be that certain things we learned
And have lived may not be what it seems
Take a good look and turn
And reevaluate what you feed
Your mind
Heart and soul
Before becoming too exposed
To more lies than truths
So you can become
A better version of you
Can it be that we are too selfish
And relish at the thought
Of helping others
Instead of trying to be at peace
And harmony with nature and one another
Can it be that we’ve had it wrong
All along
And need to reboot our learning process
Thoughts at best
And give it all a rest
Seeing if we truly can
Pass the most important tests
Of this life and world
Before we hurl
Ourselves in an even worse state
And come together before it’s too late
Can it be?


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