The Way Of Order



No matter how something seems
Or at times appear
Even when certain instances are unclear
There is always a natural order to things
Despite what someone brings
To the table
And unable
Whether steady or stable
True or unbelievable
Role reversal
Miracle or intentional
Serves a purpose
For most of us
Too many have tried
To go against the tide
To wind up
Back in a line
They did not find
Initially from the jump
Now they are stumped
From what has transpired
Battling and losing terribly
With actions that won’t take you higher
Interrupting certain ways and nature
Being led astray and captured
After all that has been said and done
To end up back at square one
Such an issue
Missing the bigger picture
That goes beyond just you
Mad that you have been exposed
Realizing that you are only part
Of a whole
When the truth unfolds
Now faced with a choice
To initiate action by voice
With feet to lead or follow
Allowing space
For a better tomorrow
There is a reason
That certain orders exists
Or put in place
So that the vast majority
Have and play specific roles
At a significant pace
In the same exact race
Though at times a struggle
But all pieces are needed
To complete the puzzle
Working in unison
Fluid and flowing as a fountain
Coming together for the good of everyone
And moving many mountains


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