People and things
That you come near
May not always be
As they appear
Trickery at its finest
Need to be put to the test
Some can be honest
Beware all the rest
Many speak aloud
Some don’t say a peep
Trying to discern through a crowd
Yet not knowing
A lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing
Trust be verify
All you come in contact with
Don’t be naive to lies
They are not myths
Closer to you than they appear
Doing dirt and leaving quickly
As if they disappeared
Into some unknown abyss
Leaving behind disbelief
And a tightly closed fist
Those you meet for a first time
Can sometimes fall in line
Faster than those you love and cherish
Wanting better for you
While others rather see you perish
False images are all around
But you will discover rather quickly
Whose truly there for you
After you fall down


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Writings By MCM


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