Coming through with something original
Circling around with subliminal
To tickle the mind
Inside and you will find
That with time
And upon many lines
Of poetry
That will be seen
And gleam
In between the eyes
Towards the ears to hear
Floating around then up and disappear
Heading towards the stratosphere
Words hitting like bricks
When they come near
Sailing through the air like a spear
Then hit the target
But often sit
All around and abound
To go down
In its very own history
The poet and poem itself
Even a mystery
So lyrically
Bonded so spiritually
Beyond being just physically
And mentally
Rocking through the heart and mind
The epitome
Of words that cascade
And suddenly raid
Takeover the emotions
Then dissipate
Moving as the vast oceans
Serving up commotion
Being the very potion
Covering over surface area
Against the skin like lotion
Never meant to be critical
Bypasses the pitiful
Spitting up and out
But so lyrical
Not critical
Advanced wordplay
To the day
Moving in such a way
That won’t allow for meanings
To be kept at bay
So I say
Sound the alarm
For the next mayday
To lay waste
To the timid fray
Coming with words that will waylay
A warriors mind with no time to waste
Having never led astray
Causing you to feel in some way
Serving up phrases and metaphors
On a silver tray
Words that will make you
Wish you
Heard only truths
To not abuse
And allow that which you choose
A journey only embarked on
By a chosen few
Won’t stir up or cause a feud
And artistry
With uncommon similarities
So let it be
Sit upon the biggest tree
In height that is right
Seen clear pass
Through to the night from day
Words that say
Painted through sound
Resonating in ways
Those poets have found
To be a joy and a gift
Having the absolute pleasure
Of becoming an even bigger
So don’t dare dismiss
Enjoy with full bliss
With no hesitation
No need for mediation
Poetry combines
Not induce segregation
Art through words
As a keepsake
Not always in the black and white
But also with a little gray
With vast colors on display
That will at times
Cause a quake
Through analogies and verbs
That you just heard
Spread the word
No need to sway
Towards popular opinion
Or to what’s new and trending
This art form is never ending
Always a beginning
With words that have weight
Say what you say
So when they
Complete rhyme and reason
In such a way
Changing up like the seasons
Words with a character and flavor
Just like adding seasoning
For more taste
But wait
Branches out to everyone
Whether for fun or through puns
Serious or hilarious
Heartfelt with a mind melt
Soulful and hopeful
All rolled up to spray
And prey
On the ears
Gathering up more cheers
Moving pass the supersonic
With smooth flow as the philharmonic
To romance and dance
And reach a balance
Not provoke but persuade
Words on a literal stage
Prancing about as ballet
If I may
Clear the airway
And sit here and stay
Poetry will never go away
Due to so many alliances
Through poets with a face
Writing and vocalizing words that slay
This is my wordplay


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2 thoughts on “Wordplay

  1. MCM,

    First of all, that stock photo is playamade.

    Second, I love this one–and, I think your goal was to showcase this specifically–for the sophisticated nature of technique. I see that you used some elements of the compound syllable flow up in there (eg: “ears-to-hear” rhymed with “dis-a-ppear”. That is one of my favorite composition structures, and, interestingly enough, that technique was actually birthed out of hip hop, not from Shakespeare, or Homer, or Dickens. More specifically, it was born in Corona, Queens by the Juice Crew.

    You made masterful use of it in this piece.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet

    Liked by 1 person

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