Walking Through



On a lone journey
Coming around to a point
Where people up and disappear
When real truth comes near
Yet hard to hear
On a lone journey
Walking alone
No other eyes in sight
Words beyond self
That state it will be alright
Traveling a road
With other passengers
Carrying a load
That feels haphazard
Down to the wire
The need to retire
Pacing myself through a land
Music made by one
Without a band
Does it have the same effect?
If no one is there to listen
Though never shy
I sometimes ask why
Fading hello
With a black goodbye
And I grow tired
Drained by those that conspires
To see one at their worst
Instead of their best
Failed tests
Just like all the rest
The movement of playing chess
Keeping things close to the vest
A path I need not be on
Have had no other choice
But to travel it alone
Not what I ever wanted
Drenched in distant fears
Why can’t something stay around?
And just simply be real
A dream turned into a nightmare
Being the only one who cared
Gathered hopes for myself
But ended up being
The only one left
A walk that must be taken
Just would’ve been nice
To share the road
Will consistency beyond me
Be something I ever
Come to know


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