The Poetic Mind



Words that will pop off

That will standoff

Never drop off

When it comes time to let off

Firing from a sniper position

When the opposition

Trying to impact the work

Of original renditions

Under many conditions

Always competition

Power through repetition

Military minded

And on a mission

Words and phrases

That hunt for many ears

And in many cases

Strikes the target as it appears

With no fear

No matter what is around or near

Showing up late or already here

The poetic mind

Is one that never turns off

Like a constant running faucet

Always focused

And never lost

Can’t toss it

Won’t toss it

But can cost it

A little bit of time

To write and shine

And get on the grind

To what comes to mind

Pen to paper

Writing up lines

With words that combine

The poet’s own skill

That chimes in

Just waiting to be revealed

To all that comes here

And also miles away

Words that will stay

With you

And push you

To a place that

Captures you

In many ways

Whether night or day

And sway

Your mind and opinions

Causing a mayday

That will move and not lay

Still and frozen

And be a token

Of a good will

Bravery that thrills

A literary weapon

That doesn’t kill

But rather heals

And seek to drill

Through the many lives

All across the world

A nice surprise

Like finding a rare pearl

The power of words

Like you’ve never heard

Done or spoken

Or written before

But just can’t wait

To embrace and hear more

A strength right out of the door

That will takeoff and soar

The many poems

Just waiting to be written

Being their own storms

Beyond the norm

And the poets it will take

To make this possible

Right out the gate

Displaying the vast options

Of literary uniqueness

But how much exposure

Would people had witnessed

From the start to the end

Never knowing

Just where the poetic mind is going

Or where it has been

With words and lines

As weapons and best friends


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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