Art Within You

This is for all poets across the world, never stop writing. Forego the trends and always unleash the power within. The art chose you, so write and leave your mark.




Words that are with you 

And push you 

Tears at times needing a tissue 

And helping through issues 

That may be deep 

And poetry being therapeutic 

As each word that seeps 

Out of you 

And will never mute it 

But rather pursue it 

And from the page 

Where it was conceived 

And the art form 

Having the very need 

To meet and greet you 

Every time your mind 

Awakens you  

And begins to think about the next piece 

Words circling around inside 

Just waiting to be released 

And written wonders never cease 

To increase the level of exposure 

For this art form to reach 

And keeping your composure  

Always from start to finish 

No such thing as being diminished 

As a poet 

And you know it 

To be very true 

Just think of the future works 

That are lurking within you 

The world is your oyster 

So go ahead and take it on 

Because even after you 

My fellow poets 

This art form will carry on 


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM














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