My Love Is


As a poet, putting yourself out there is always the case. Though you may not be sure of the reactions, you always hope they are positive. Being brave enough to share your inner most thoughts and feelings is not easy, but as poets it is what we do.




My love is strong

My love carries on

But my love will only do so

To one deserving of the time

That will last a lifetime

My love may seem rough

My love is intense

My love always displays

Physical evidence

My love hits home

My love won’t leave you alone

Or to fend by yourself

My love is unlike

Anything else that

I could ever describe

Some never could reside

Or handle the intensity

Stemming from the outside

My love has come and gone

Like the bending of the strongest arm

Then let it down to rest

My love puts to the test

Your actions and words

That you think I never paid

Any attention to

Yet everytime it was seen and heard

Then a pull back occurred

Because my love is cautious

And at times very guarded

Failure is not an option

But some discarded

Something they couldn’t fully understand

A level so strong and present

Always from this man

And should not have to be less

Or have to hold back

Just because your love

Is not on par

Nor where it needs to be or at

Having self trouble that has caused

You to lack and pull over

To the side of the road

And quick to ask and wonder why

I will let you go

When clearly we are not on

The same page or path

And can’t seem to get there

For this I am aware

And won’t stop or stare

But rather gear up

And setup

My heart for a battle

And not be rattled

To move on then

To something better

And more suited to travel

With the ability to hang on

Walking together

Not barely hanging on

My love is what it is

Take it or leave it

And always stated

From the very beginning

If it’s not for you

Then fine

But don’t put on an elaborate show

To only end up

Wasting my time

When it could have gone

Somewhere more valuable

And better appreciated

This is never understated

And comes highly rated

I will not debate it

If you can’t take the heat

Then stay out of the kitchen

Because this man here

Is always on a mission

And if it is too much for you

Then pass the torch on

To someone who can actually

Roll with this

And not throw a fit

Overly emotional

Because of it

Strength recognizes strength

And will run clear over

Anything that can’t keep up

And with weak love

That is just not good enough

My love is

My love is


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