Words Mixed With Art


Combining art with words
That is what has occurred
No struggle or tussle
Putting dynamic words and meanings
Together as pieces to a puzzle
After the thought appears
Filling the mind
Once it all becomes clear
The title comes to mind
And the words start to grow
I don’t always know
At what time
Of day and night
The hand
May land
A pen
And begin
To write words
That suddenly graces the paper
Coming to me like second nature
To always have nearby
Pen and paper in sight
I never ask why
I just start to write
Poetry has a mind of its own
A beautiful art form to hone
And can’t leave alone
Nor do I ever want to
Because I choose
To allow it to take me
In whatever direction it wants to
Despite the subject matter
Sometimes shaking the head
With smiles and laughter
How quickly it comes on
And tends to just run
In such a way
It won
And just carries you away
To such a specific area
A vast energy conductor
With no barrier
Using me as the carrier
A feeling like no other
Very literary
And varies
Lyrical never critical
Rhyming with good timing
Giving a rather peculiar edge
With the use of words
Sewing through like thread
Combining lines and phrases
Sometimes never heard
A pen lit
Because of it
A motion that refuses
Until it decides
A poet just along for the ride
And never ask why
Just embrace and use it
A unique construct
As the finished product
And won’t regret it
Words equal the aesthetic
Flowing poetically
Heard and moving kinetically
An adventurous trip
Through imagination
And creativity
Causing a certain levitation
With a consistent proclivity
Channeling words from your inner being
That seems to go on for infinity
Effortless and on a solo tip
Love the gift given to you
Artistry as a wordsmith


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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