Moving Through The Maze



Just how long

Will this go on

With so many today and days past

Can’t seem to get ahead

Enough to outlast

The rat race

Living payday to payday

And in no way

Shape or form

Should this had ever became the norm

Sound the alarm

Because the amount of care

Has gone cold instead of warm

Or frankly none existent

To the ones that truly need and deserve it

Going through life

Everyday in the same routine

With nothing to show in between

The pawns of the game

And this has never changed

Sucking everything out you

For the power of more bucks

You wind up drying up

While the elite get their thirst quenched

And rejuvenated daily

But what have they done for you lately?

Nothing at all and no intent to do so

Yet they need you to keep doing

What you do day in and day out

Because without you

The company would turn drought

And they would go without

Working you to the very bones

Just to fill their pockets more

And acquire even bigger homes

Does anyone see what’s wrong with this picture

And that this has become a major issue

Stuck in this maze

Moving about it every week

But it seems like no escape

To the exit that you seek

Lost in there

And can’t find the way out

And every corner you turn

Just looks the same

As the one before

Wandering around


Looking for invincible doors

While wanting and needing

And deserving of much more

The one commodity

And oddity

That continually suffers from

Wealth inequality

Or the wealth gap as it is also called

And often referred to

With this being one percent

And doesn’t include you

And the distance and hole

Just keeps widening everyday

Every time everyone else

Doesn’t have enough pay

Or money to speak of

To do anything else other than work

Yet still can’t ever get above

Water due to drowning all the time

And the negative and adverse

Even dangerous effects of this

Of being unfair and unkind

Selfishness leaving many behind

And all the while

Doing this with a smile

The unequal distribution of assets

Among all residents of the countries

So many poor and barely making it at best

Even those who have served

Are among these and the rest

No passing grade here anywhere

Because we have failed the most important test

And that is looking out for all humankind

Instead of sitting back satisfied and content

Watching so many have less

And barely surviving

While your household is full

And continues thriving

The entire system is broken to say the least

With no signs of increase

Or any real plans for this inhumane treatment

To actually cease

It is treating people subhuman or like an animal

Not enough cares or is held accountable

If they could just spend one day

In the shoes of everyone else

And go through all the emotions and stress felt

Would it change their minds

Would real change ever take place

I still wouldn’t hold my breath


Because they will always think and act like

They are better than everyone else

Or say they say

But place them just once

In the maze

Then see the look on their face

That is felt around the world everyday

Through every race and culture

Feeling like their dying slow

And consumed by vultures

Nothing will ever improve

Until we realize that we all matter

And to the natural world

We’re all connected to

In more ways than one

When the maze no longer exists

Then we can say we are better

And all is done


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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