Looking For The Exit (Part 2)



Is the exit near by

Turning left

Turning right

As I look around and ask why

Can you see the epidemic

Through the constant systemic

Ways that are people

Seen as okay and equal

Yet soulless at the core

Committing actions that support

Doing this even more

Standing for nothing

Yet moving about with something

That will only cause further doom

And most are unaware

Or they frankly assume

And are convinced

That everything is fine or normal

And just this way

Allowing it all to continue

Never changing up the menu

Nor in search of a better avenue

That would help improve

Or make the environment surrounding

Each and every one of us

Positive and right from every view

And coming up with something new

Can stand or sit

But rather move on this

Peeling ourselves out of

Sinking further into

A very dismal and uncertain abyss

Where darkness has become the norm

And laying out constantly

In a very vicious storm

But I choose to take

A very different path

Not going to sit and wait around

For the inevitable aftermath

With each coming day

Heading closer this way

We can do better

If we so choose

But the real question is

How many of us actually want to

Not much more I can say

That hasn’t already been said

And if nothing changes

Then show me where to

Exit out of instead


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