Vintage and classic

With a sound that happens

And hard to duplicate

Crisp and clear

And can hardly wait

To drop the needle here

Spinning around in such a way

As it follows a pattern

To let the record play

Melodic and so capable

Like fine silk

Turning and rotating

Along the turntable

Pull it from the sleeve

With many covers

Each one different than the other

Yet the record itself

Virtually stays the same

With a look and feel

That always remains

Music pushed from a unique layer

Settled along the record player

As you sit back and chill

From all the sounds you hear

And making you smile

As you listen to it spin

And play for a while

Moving to each line and path

Download Vinyl Record Player Wallpaper Record player wallpapers

With original ones called

A phonograph

Echoes and tones

That just brings the ears home

Just a simple device

With a little charm

So pull the record

And drop the arm

Moves and grooves

And never sits at idle

You just can’t beat

The pure and velvety

Sounds of vinyl


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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