Lyrical (Part 2)


Poets reside

Where the words take off

And fly to heights above

In their own world

And just want to write

With much to speak of




Read and heed these words

And if given the chance

Might even be heard

Poetry that is lyrical

Often times very original

Moving through many

In such a way

That may seem like a miracle

For some who absorb

And sit inside of an orb

Comfortably in a place

And reading what the poet

Has put into play

Facing this artwork head on

Like singing in front of people

With an excellent song

That really moves their heart

And bring real emotion on

Words dropping from the page

Refusing to be left alone

Sitting there doing nothing

When some ears can ring

Instead and the eyes that looked

Then turned around and read

Language coming off the page

With words on the rage

And standing about

Upon their own stage

With many interpretations

To say and think about

Who knows the effects

That this literary piece will have

Once it’s released out

Into the wild and civilization

Spreading across like wildfire

Going well beyond just this nation

And a fascination

image (49)

It truly has and places

On the art form itself

With many poetic artists

Moving from right to left

All with a love for this

Sealing each poetic piece

With a literary kiss

It goes beyond just the mental

And the physical

Because poetry is on

A whole other level

With each poet having their very own

Style and ritual

Pulling from the heart

And never vacating the visual

Poetical works and words with a voice

That becomes lyrical


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM



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