Crossing The Bridge




As I stare from one side
To the distant other
Much comes to mind
While thinking further

The bridge is present
And it is near
Wandering through life’s lessons
With some stemmed from fear

Do I cross over
Or stay to this side
The bridge is high and uncovered
Curved and appears to be a mile

Getting up the nerve
To move it along
Circling the silent words
But with an action shown

Walking across and holding on
Just reached the center now
Getting across won’t take long
Yet still looks far away somehow

The end is near
And approaching rather quick
Can’t wait to get there from here
For this journey will not be missed

Now I’m finally standing on
The opposite side
Looking back on where I came from
And completed in due time

The fear was going
And nervous over the ridge
But could see all the beauty
All around me
After reaching a calmer stage
Will never forget the day
That I crossed the bridge


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Writings By MCM


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