Gravity Of The Situation



Of this world we know
At the brink of events to unfold
Hatred has grown and violence shown
Out of control and constantly implodes
And what for?
With nothing more to show
Leaving an unbalanced world
With the score of
Prejudice one and peace zero
With no love or harmony at any level
To increase and common sense has ceased
To exist and has become old
Unfairness as the norm and bold
Left out in the cold
Real stories to be told
And the media has sold
The image of everyday living
Like looking through a keyhole
Two sides fighting
As if their the only ones that exist
And continually persist
Every effort to resist
Doing the right and just thing
To a level of equality it would bring
Though it seems
To be nothing more
Than a pipe dream
Wishful thinking if you will
Too many things left uneasy
Where peace can’t be still
So out of sync and been on the brink
For quite a while
And many are in a state of denial
Pray for a better way
Not tomorrow but today
And hopefully this would sway
Opinions and motives
And take to a place
Not corrupted by skin and race
Though I’m afraid
It’s too late
We all have become
Too accustom to living and operating this way
Not conducive to those
Where it would matter most
Because too many toast
The actions or lack thereof
By staying completely
In the area of gray
And in some way
Comfortable in a little box
But the clock
As time goes by
With each tick and tock
Because the whole world over
Has been reduced to ruins
While nearly assuring self destruction
With no interruption
All the while most of us
Just stood by and watched it happened


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Writings By MCM

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