Light And Ocean



The motion of the ocean
So carefree and calm
Something only the creator
Could’ve done
Aggressive tides hit the shore
Still beautiful to see
And wanting for more
So let it be
The sunlight shines across it
Narrowed to one spot
Just sheer beauty
Not a second thought
The moonlight shines down
Showing a path across
That can only be found
Right here by night
And by day radiating
Through bright sunlight
Light and ocean
Make a very good pair
And if it wasn’t for our creator
We’d never knew they were there
The vast oceans with natural light
There is one word to describe this wander
And that word is a delight
And every time
Such a feast for the eyes
Know and understand
This natural goodness
Could never come from a human
Appreciate this beauty
In all of its glory
And take the time
To share your story
With the one above
Thanking him for another way
He displays his love
One that you can touch and see
Feel and hear
Honing and appealing
To all senses near
A present not wrapped
With a bow
Shared and given freely
More than you’ll ever know
And the mere notion
Of such an experience
Just call it a blessing
Every time you come near
The light and ocean


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