Once More


Once more
Can we speak up?
Against things that are rough
Once more
Can we take a stand?
For every woman and man
Boy and girl
Poor and needing help
Around this world
Once more
Can we forego hate?
And inject peace
With an increase
Once more
I’d like to just see
More unity
And not division
And making provisions
For us to meet
Once more
Getting the very questions answered
We strive to seek
Once more
Pray for the whole world
Instead to curl inside a shell
With better stories
To one day tell and share
And be aware
Doing the just and right thing
If we all dare
They may take us actually somewhere
Good for once
With many said points
Once more
Look to the sky
To find the reasons why
But trapped inside
The heart and mind
Hoping to escape
Within a reasonable amount of time
Once more
To the shore
Of wanting more
For your fellow man
And land
Upon solid grounds
That is yet to be found
Among all men
And brethren
Standing up for each other
And we don’t have to be kin
Or blood
Has anyone besides me
Had enough?
Once more
Once more again I say
Wanting to start a new path
That begins today
So what do you say?
Once more
Among the fray
Leading the ones with heart
To a much better place
Once more
I hope to be more
Than just a pipe dream
But unfortunately
The reality beats the dream
I’m afraid
Once more


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