Sitting here contemplating
On what to write next
With this pen masquerading
As if there is no ink left
Thinking about a title
Yet nothing has come to mind
Like it is stuck in idle
Even though I have plenty of time
The paper is sitting there
Wandering and waiting on the words
And they will come from where?
Exactly as I’m stuck in neutral
At any moment now
Those words will start to roll
And unfold
The thoughts just can’t stop
Surpassing writer’s block
Yet need to be sorted out
Just what is this about?
As I am ready to go
But somehow right now
Something is blocking the flow
And a need to know
Oh but wait
Just in this very moment
The pen is ready to go
With the words running out
And how is this so?
Because I just finished it right now
Just so you’d know


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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