Taking shape and being similar
Yet unique in its own
Randomness occurs
In a place where it belongs
Facing off with another
Yet with a quality and line
Unlike any other
An exact correspondence
If you will
A reflective response
Taking more shape when
It becomes real
Moving towards the directional
And becoming more symmetrical
Under a specific control
Undertaking the bilateral
Symmetry with a specific purpose to unfold
And steady concentration
Some moving at the speed of turtle
And avid stagnation
Others move with swiftness
Have speed all the time
With such finesse
All things falling in line
Heading towards an axis
Gathering more traction
Two halves
And two sides
That comes alive
With such motion
The beauty that takes shape
From balanced proportions
And various sections
Relative positions serving up
The geometric
And all that remains
From all the various change
A dividing line here
On a median plane
That at times just cannot
Be explained
Through only equations
And just one orientation
Drawn out with focused concentration
To complete the symmetrical
Arranged with the radial
Taking off and taking shape
Always punctual
And never too late
Recording its uniqueness
Through your senses
Like audio and videotape
Very detailed
With consistency as the key
Grasping the full concept
Of symmetry


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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