The summary of a written
Piece of work
A shining example of
The person or thing
That at times can lurk
And the personification
Of a higher form
Well beyond the norm
The embodiment of art
To such a unique point
Felt all the way down
To the very joints
An abstract if you will
Signed and sealed
Through a conservative and wild thrill
As close to perfection
That it can get
Quality coming alive
Because of it
A larger reality
With emphasis seen
Through a sorted gallery
The typical object or form
That even breaks through
The toughest storm
An elegance that fazed
Straight through me
Moved outwards and bound
For all to see
An avid destiny
Pacing objectively
And subjectively
Speaking and sounding off
Even when no one is around
A beauty present
And always found
Through reciprocity
Never an ending
To such finesse
Work and tears put in
And given its very best
Distinguishing itself
From all the rest
And in good taste
With no time to ever waste
Yet so very
Going pass words and meanings
Upholding the literary
And varies
A fine line
That will tend to carry
On and at times alone
A radiance you can feel
Right down to the bones
And upon the royal
Like a designated throne
Well beyond a treat
And just as important
As a leaf to a tree
A vast power and potency
To gather and seek
All of these coming together to meet
This is the epitome.


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