The Black Ocean


Across its vast spaces
Flowing right along the many faces
That has it within clear view and sight
Blackness abounds but with a small light
Shining down through the middle
Lighting a path
To the many riddles
And mysteries
That it holds and contains
Questions and answers
That may always remain
How many ships have graced these waters?
How many have been lost
And wandered out of order
Across this ocean
Many at the hands of commotion
Signifying the notion
Of the deepness and depth
Surrounding and through this ocean
Black as the night
Yet with a certain peace and beauty
As it completes its own duty
A sight for sore eyes
With good and bad items
That deeply lies
Just below the surface
And very deep down
Gifts and curses
All around
Its vast presence and essence
Still waters that began to rush
And many lives this has touched
Displaying a gallery
When you unfold its mystery
Peeled back by a certain history
Yet to still be revealed
And unhealed
Faces floating under
As the waters lie still
From much evil still
Both past and present
Wrought by its appeal
Lying flat and rolling
This ocean’s color
Is telling and holding
A very different story
Than we actually know
What others things will be revealed
And start to unfold
Calm it can be
Even as calm as it seems
And greatly persist
Hiding away things
That no longer exists
Scattered along this abyss
With many lives changed
Because of it and man
Some never made it to land
But the ocean understands
Made a home for those
And many other things
That left the hand
And this world
Treasures near and dear
Like hidden pearls
Wandering if its
More friend than foe
Very unsure
And how could we truly know
Looks can be very deceiving
Especially when leaving
Good alone
And calling darkness home
Trying to hide somewhere
Things left up in the air
That without care
Will one day be seen again
This ocean will eventually play a part
In solving this unsavory trend
But it always does
What it was meant to
To its very core within
Coasting along for centuries
Never knowing all the places it’s been
And landed onto
The various secrets of this world
Not always in plain view
Crashing into many feet
Despite the skin’s hue
But always a treat to see
Being everything it’s meant to be
Never mind its color
A beautiful ocean like no other
Carrying itself along
Exactly where it belongs
Across its vast spaces
Flowing right along the many faces
That has it within clear view and sight
Blackness abounds but with a small light
So centered and forward
And with a purpose so specific
A constant mission
Securing its own existence
Deep and vast
Beautiful and mysterious
To the eyes and skin yet so curious
And roaring action
A sight that will always stun
Turn and face
The full array and spectrum
Of the black ocean


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Writings By MCM

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