Question Upon Question


Asking questions to which
You may or may not
Want the real answers to
Pondering over the unknown
That bothers you
When the very answers lie
In front of you
Or hidden in plain sight
Some never known or exposed
Never having stepped foot into the light
Hoping to head in the right direction
To that which you seek
And curiosity reeks
Mentally preparing for the outcome
That once seemed out of reach
And with time
You will find
That patience and respect
Can truly outshine
The alternative
Don’t just take
But also give
To seal a much better deal
But no matter what
It is your prerogative
Just be careful
Cause what you seek
You will find
Just be good and ready
To cross that line
And to no surprise
When it presents itself
To learn the truth
Above all else
Question authority at times
Question when things seem
Not quite right or out of line
Don’t be afraid to ask
That which you desire
Curiosity can overwhelm
And at times be dire
Just be sure that
It is what you want
And if not
You must continue to move on
Whether right or wrong
Hopefully placing you
Where you truly belong
After receiving your answer
To the question that plagues you
The answer could blur the line
Between lies and truth
Just do what you can
To make sure that you stay the course
Of your true self
Not a task for anyone else
May you find your true destination
And in essence
Question upon question


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