Stealth And The Warrior


Even in times of peace
The warrior is expected
To be ready to go
At a moment’s notice
Locked and loaded
This he must act on and know
Cannot afford for this to be neglected
Not in the least
Move with a purpose
Though all of a sudden
Finely tuned down to the button
Suited up and ready to roll
If even the situation itself
Is not known
But must carry on
Because this person’s life
Goes beyond just their own
With skills and survival instincts
To acquire and hone
Crafty and undetectable
Slowly edging the mark
With a stealth
Sly and secret
Cautious and discreet
Engaging the target
With no small feat
Yet failing or losing
Is never part of the vocabulary
Silent and deadly
With many burdens to carry
Selfless and diligent to the tee
Doing acts that may not
Always seem
Or scream
Kind and gentle
But the overall picture
Carries on intentional
Fierce but caring
And the mission can vary
With lines that sometimes
Get blurred
Experienced and brave
From many battles that have occurred
And never go out without a fight
Many things given up
For the preservation
Of more life

Fearless and strong
Dedicated and skillful
To the mission they belong
Yet hope to be able
To come back home
Go beyond all obstacles
But still manage to come out
On the other side
Unscathed or injured
Or even worse death
But sacrificed and gave
All they have or had left
A call beyond just them
Even when not appreciated
And the lights have dimmed
Pushing through trouble
Just to persevere to the end
With stealth and bravery
As best friends
And many unsavory things
To contend with
For those that continue on
When all has been done
Remember the warrior even when gone
To be around a person so unique
And the honor of knowing one


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