Life As A Game


Life is no game 
But many play 
And live it a certain way 
Some aspects ignored
While others struck a cord
With you in this way
Thinking about it everyday
Every minute and hour
Wanting to stay on top of it
As if standing from a tower
Some neither above or below
With others in the middle
Stunted and no growth
Grab a new skill
And use your talents
Making them a habit
Hoping to live
Good and content
Though at times hard work
Doesn’t always show
The results of it
Some skate and get by
While others wait around
And wander why
Some incessantly
And aggressively
Go for theirs
Yet there are also ones
That do not care
Or dare
No energy to spare
While others fair
Just fine
Improving consistently overall
Over a given time
To tread carefully
Interrupting certain destiny
Pushing forward
Despite what comes instead
Putting rumors to bed
Developed more by some
From what they’ve learned and read
And the survey says
You are allowed
To surpass fear and shroud
Displaying actions matching
Your thoughts and desires out loud
Thinking well beyond
What you feel from the crowd
And following your mind
For the necessary change
Running your life
But as a serious game
Yet keeping it light at times
Hoping a little fun remains
With more gains
That will require you
To sometimes rearrange
Moving well placed pieces
As a chess game
Living your life
In such a way
That it will never
Be the same


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