The Tunnel


A passageway to a place

Or an area that is enclosed

And just how far may it go

At a pace that carries

An entrance and exit face

To burrow through

Or dig your way through

To a completely different area

Another way to go

That will cover over you

As you travel through

Another is tunnel vision

Losing the peripheral

And focusing only on the central

Within using the sight

Yet also an expression

Of seeing things only one way

And nowhere or nothing else

Seems to matter

So in essence

Forgetting all of the chatter

That follows afterwards

A place that is beyond words

Yet can see the way through

In one scenario

From one end to the next

And at best

Know when to be in one

And forego the other

Realizing the vast difference

From one another

Searching the core

While waiting for more

Expressing the feeling

Just shy of a metaphor

The tunnel

The tunnel

As I go through

And not get stuck in one

Waiting to see the outcome

As I switch up my view

Being in a tunnel

Within this life

And at times

Going through stress and strife

Ready to see to the end

Where I hope there is light


The tunnel

The tunnel

Is where it resides

And underground or underneath

Is where it hides

Hopefully ready for

What awaits on the other side


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Writings By MCM

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