Notes In The Air


I hear notes in the air
From out of nowhere
Clearly exposed
Lifting and taking
You much higher
Listening is the one thing
Of you that is required
Settle your mind
An inject the music
Open it up
And let the brain absorb it
As it lights up the area
Flowing about nicely
Unlike mass hysteria
Take and feel
Something truly amazing
Too good to be real
Yet appeals
Let this moment lie still
Allow the heart to heal
And peel down to the bone
Melodies to never be
Left alone
It may seem strange
At first
Allow it to explore
An unspoken thirst
Violin to strings
And beats to a drum
Feeling like you’ve won
A brush through the leaves
Moving through a vine
Time after time
A constant surprise
Rhythm all around
Predicated by the sounds
That you hear
Within the mosaic
Going understated
Everything else
Just disappears
Yet stays motivated
Throughout the stratosphere
Rapid vibes all over
Grab hold
Wrap them up
And then cover
Yourself in a stasis
Of utter oasis
Taking you mentally
And mysteriously
To other places unknown
Don’t try to figure it out
Explanation to just leave alone
You were there to bare witness
In an abyss
Sealed with a harmonic kiss
Traveled and unraveled
By something you will miss
Your ears hopefully appreciate
The mere beauty of it
Moves and grooves about
To a tune of its own
Come back soon
Don’t stay away too long
Making itself totally aware
For I hear notes in the air


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Writings By MCM

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