Words to a song
That so belong
An expression of rhythm
Running through an unfiltered system
Of music on a high
And of poetry
That cannot be denied
A variety of essence
Words for food and thought
With unlimited lessons
An artistic quality
Like hands to a guitar string
Ear to a beat
Words that speak
Fingers to piano keys
Art that rests on the tongue
Meant to hit anyone
That is within range
Cause a sudden change
To rearrange
May seem strange
To witness notes in a lane
Sweet as sugar cane
Obsessive wording
That evokes the creative brain
Rattled nerves remain

image (36)
But your mind
Body and soul
Will not go
Completely unchanged
How can they
When in such a way
Words coming to life
Igniting a fire
So dire
A neo light
Shining but now
Putting on display
Many neophytes
That felt the bite
Of words and art
That is nothing nice
Or short of
Pure expression
In its rawest form
Well beyond the norm
Feel this storm
Ringing in your ears
Absorb what appears
Rocking the whimsical
This is Lyrical


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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