Feel The Heat


Feel the heat
That lasts and is on repeat
Felt down to the feet
Never discreet
Feel the fire
That burns with desire
That never tires
Pushing and taking you higher
Well pass what you require
And seems dire
Ejects liars
Embraces sires
Making you comfortable
Than ever thought possible
From the heart to the brain
But this fire shall remain
Never going insane
Never quiet or lame
Yet further engrained
Down to the soul
Of those
That are not afraid to be wild
If even for a while
That know how to flow
Causing shockwaves right out the door
Can chill and lie still
With plenty of artistry appeal
No hesitation to reveal
Kissing the sky
With promises sealed
Ambition so raw
That it can kill
And run over those
To weak to take the thrill
Trying to put out fires
That are just too real
For them by lips
And actions
Yielding no satisfaction
With little to no reactions
Rewinding further traction
Away from those
That oppose and who knows
Exactly how to strike a pose
Punching square right into the nose
Will roar and attack
When heavily provoked
Will scatter these weak folks
And throw them down a black hole
Because who knows
When they will mislead and go
Trying to ruin the absolute flow
Of artists always ready to go
And unfold
Those always on a roll
Igniting the fire
And burning others up like toast
The melodic sounds the ears seek
Lyrical beyond just beat
Patting of the feet
Words you can’t wait to see
And eat
As they laser straight through
The vast recesses of the mind
With no small feat
Always a treat
The soulful literary
That will devour the meek
Turning the heart over
Like it is mobile
Activating a universe of words
That will blow pass Chernobyl
And outlasting the global
Effects of those waiting
To hear an eargasm
That will blow the mind
Moving around
But holds a clear path and line
Yet shines
And tells no time
For this very moment
I own it
And it is mine
And overflow that caused a leak
Running through words
Without needing a speech
The many ears to reach
That will feel this heat


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