The Vast Mind


Take a walk
Within the deep recesses
Of your mind
And look inside
You may find
Throughout your time
The ties that bind
That may reside
The best areas to find
Instead of taking cover
And shaping with lies
Forego self debate
Starting to take shape
Talking yourself out of something great
Never self deny
Nor cry
Always try
Waving the negative goodbye
As you fall from the sky
Landing softly and safely
And oh my
Don’t make it hard to decide
But abide
And strip mine
The main prize
And glorify
Placing you on a natural high
When you come to find out
Beyond shadows of doubt
When it comes about
Ideas from within
Trying to go the distance
In a solo race
Gathering the amount of space
To be able to place
On a road to somewhere
That you may dare
Take someday
Walking around
Head pointed towards the ground
Feeling sound
Standing on sun rays
Waiting to turn the key
To the door and more
While behind there lies
Your true journey
Do you accept?
The amount of depth
With every step
You take forward
One foot in front of the other
Down a path
That at last
Cannot bypass
Rounding up a new song and dance
That will tend to romance
And entice the brain
Coming off insane
But rather sane remains intact
And in fact
When you come under attack
Stand in place
And don’t step back
Hold the line
Just stay on track
No need for empathy
Or sympathy
Carrying out your plans
Like a rolling symphony
Ready to go head on
With your intended destiny
Not regrettably
But steadily
And readily
Evoke and ignore the thoughts of
Failure heavily
Winding up purposely
Where you needed to be
When you became ready
The mind and power of one person
Showcased and for certain
Always on display
Until they close the curtain
Various facets to rewind
While looking back
On the moments of time
That you set aside
Toasting the ideal memories
During your lifetime
All the while
Taking a trip
Of the vast mind


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Writings By MCM

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