Far And Away


Things that we want
And dream of
Can at times seem to taunt
At the idea of what we love
And desire to have
To hope it’s within reach
Then teach
Others to do the same
And remain
To hold onto your vision of happiness
For your life to gain
Than you at your best
Though at times reality
Will test and check
What we believe to be a passion
And sprint into action
Those things that can seem so far away
Into the distance
But in essence
Bring you closer and closer
To it each and every day
Hold on to your dreams
Even when it seems
It may not happen
Because you are the captain
Of your own ship
Heading to whatever direction
When all is before you
And make necessary course corrections
To achieve the what if
And set sail on that journey
And keep a grip
Patience and perseverance as the keys
So take the wheel
And steer towards
Your dreams becoming something real


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