The Weapon Becomes You


Pushing and training self
As far as you can
Because there is a plan
To become more than
Ever thought possible
With much to gain
And also lose at the same time
Sacrificing so much
For your life to align
Itself in a place
That is much needed
And to become even better
Crossing out everything
Right down to the very letter
Sharpening the mind and body
Fine tuning the spirit and skills
That over time will be revealed
Should you not fail
And persevere to the very end
Not using a weapon
But rather becoming one
When training has wrapped up
All finished and done
With everything you accomplished
A long battle that you’ve won
And has taken you beyond
Your former self
Operating with much less
But now at your very best
Able to see what lies ahead
And did everything to prepare instead
Even when others did not agree
Or support your calling
But the path you seek
Is nowhere near falling
Just climbed a mountain
All of this time
And finally reached the top
Planting your flag of success there
Because you refused to quit and stop
Now with better control and discipline
And this new journey
You can’t wait to begin
A weapon for all to see
As you carry out and become
Your very own destiny
The very weapon
You were meant to be


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Writings By MCM

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